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China’s Loveliest Mountain: Huangshan (黄山)

Want to see more photos from Huangshan? Visit the Huangshan (黄山) location page and check out the #huangshan and #黄山 hashtags.

Huangshan (黄山), or “Yellow Mountain,” is situated in east China’s Anhui province. It’s known for sweeping views of jutting granite peaks that emerge just above the clouds, sturdy pine trees and must-see sunrises over the North Sea. As a result of its scenic beauty, the site is a major tourist destination in China. Over 15 million tourists visited in 2007 alone.

Those who visit Huangshan have the opportunity to stand on the world’s highest bridge, known as The Bridge of Immortals. Visitors can also climb several hundred steps past mysterious caves to Lotus Peak—Huangshan’s highest summit at an altitude of 1,837 meters (6,027 feet).

This is where I’m at. :)

Got to the top of this bad boy in 2010. C:

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